Our team members have over forty years of teaching experience between them, so you can be confident you’re in good hands. Working with individual customers and commercial organisations, our number one priority is meeting – and exceeding – customer needs. We are committed to the highest level of customer service from the initial point of contact to completion of your time with us.










Euan Carruthers

Director / RYA Principal
Chief Instructor

Euan has over 18 years of teaching experience and has taught in a wide variety of countries including Australia, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Tenerife and Nigeria. Since late 2011 he has been back in the UK teaching all levels of  RYA training from Start Yachting to Advanced Powerboat to Yachtmaster Offshore. When he is not out teaching on the water, he can be found teaching shorebased navigation and radio courses to all levels of students from those just starting to those building up to their RYA Yachtmaster Exam. Euan has a calm and relaxed teaching manner which readily builds confidence in his students. Euan also runs all the instructor training, delivering regular training at our base in Rhu.

His current qualifications include:

MCA Master 200/OOW 500gt
RYA Yachtmaster Examiner (Motor)
SQA Radar & Electronic Chart Systems Instructor
RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor Trainer
RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor
RYA Yachtmaster Instructor (Power)
RYA Yachtmaster Instructor (Sail)
RYA Diesel Engine Instructor
RYA Sea Survival Instructor
RYA Navigation Instructor
RYA SRC VHF Assessor
RYA Radar Instructor
RYA PPR Instructor
SQA Assessor

Nathalie Carruthers

Operations Director

Nathalie is a Director of You & Sea and is responsible for the running of our office, liaising with the staff as to the courses they are teaching, course bookings and paperwork, and marketing. She has a background in watersports instructing having worked as a Windsurf Instructor in Greece for Neilson and has also worked for Axa Insurance where her administrative, creative and media handling skills were put to the test running a contact centre operations team.

RYA Powerboat Level 2
RYA Day Skipper Theory

Max Carruthers

Director and Boat Maintenance Guru

Max is a Director of You & Sea and provides strategic and financial advice. He is also the Chairman of several financial services companies. He oversees the maintenance of all the boats and is hands on more often than not! Max is also heavily involved in You & Sea’s film work, particularly organising the technical aspects of marine filming. Max has been involved with boats and the sea since he was a teenager, starting with sailing dinghies and progressing to yachts and  motor boats.

Aneesh Murray

Trainee Skipper / Crew

Aneesh joins the team as Trainee Skipper/Instructor and will work alongside our regular instructors/skippers as crew when on our Boat Trips. She has spent the last 7 years traveling extensively and working as a Scuba Diving Instructor in countries such as Malaysia, Australia, Tonga, and New Zealand. When not teaching diving, she has crewed on various size vessels ensuring guests are treated to first-class service.

Towards the latter part of this year, she will take over as our lead boat trip skipper.


5 Day STCW Training Course

Andy Greer

Motor Instructor / Skipper

Andy has been involved with the water as far back as he can recall. He started his working career in the commercial sector managing and skippering crew transfer vessels, safety boats and line handlers. More recently, after a change of scenery; he is now works for the MOD Police Marine Unit at Faslane/Coulport.

His current qualifications include:

RYA Yachtmaster Offshore (Power)
RYA Yachtmaster Instructor (Power)
RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor
RYA Navigation Instructor
RYA First Aid Instructor
RYA VHF Instructor
RYA PPR Instructor

Thom Bateman

Instructor / Skipper

Sailing started in a GP 14 and quickly moved to various lasers at Strathclyde Park. Royal Gourock YC followed and into racing Pipers. The cruising bug started on the Clyde and the West of Scotland. A weekend trip to Cherbourg was followed by a trip across Biscay, then Iceland. Powerboats were always about but then became more interesting and well .. Motorboats had to follow! The grand thing about boating in all its forms is that you never stop learning.
RYA Yachtmaster Ocean (Motor & Sail)
RYA Cruising Instructor (Motor & Sail)
RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor
RYA Diesel Engine Instructor
RYA Navigation Instructor
RYA SRC Radio Assessor
RYA Radar Instructor

Colin Faulds

Motor Instructor / Skipper

Colin grew up on the water spending his early years fishing, power boating and sailing at every opportunity. His love of the sea has led to him spending his working life on the water. Initially in the Merchant Navy where he had the opportunity to travel extensively whilst learning the art of Navigation & Seamanship, followed by over 32 years Marine Policing with the Ministry of Defence Police.
He has been instructing a wide range of RYA courses since 2005, and has experience as both Centre Principal and Chief Instructor in addition to being an appointed RYA Yachtmaster Examiner .
Colin has a calm and relaxed teaching style and aims to ensure students  gain both confidence and experience whilst enjoying their time onboard or in the classroom.
His current qualifications include:
RYA Yachtmaster Examiner (Motor)
RYA Yachtmaster Instructor (Motor)
RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor
RYA Sea Survival Instructor
RYA Navigation Instructor
RYA Radar Instructor
RYA SRC Instructor

Rob Mutlow

RYA Instructor / Skipper

Rob has been instructing and coaching for the last 32 years in many countries including Australia, Europe and the UK. During that time he has held positions of Centre Principal and Chief Instructor of a number of centres. He specialises in Yachtmaster preparation theoretical and practical and was appointed as an RYA Examiner in 2008 and Cruising Instructor trainer in 2017.

As a Cruising Instructor Trainer, Rob works with potential instructors and passes on his wealth of knowledge in the watersports industry in both Motor Cruising and Yachting. 

Robert is also a very experienced dinghy instructor and windsurfing instructor.

RYA Yachtmaster Instructor (Sail & Power)
RYA Cruising Instructor Trainer (Motor)
RYA Cruising Instructor Trainer (Sail)
RYA Shorebased Navigation Instructor
RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor
RYA Yachtmaster Examiner (Sail)
RYA VHF Radio Assessor
Splicing Instructor
RYA Yachtmaster Ocean (Sail & Power)
Duke of Edinburgh Assessor (Bronze, Silver & Gold)

Paul Mills

Sail & Powerboat Instructor

Paul first started sailing at 13, and enjoyed both dinghies, kayak and windsurfing instructing. During College and beyond Paul had 4 years working for Sunsail, chiefly in the Solent and Greece. This was followed by  setting up his own sailing school in Menorca and then a spot of traditional boat sailing with the ICC .His professional career involved teaching and training – and running a therapeutic foster care agency.  Paul has sailed about 40,000 miles between Portugal and Scotland, and loves exploring beautiful coastlines, often working with groups of teenagers on his own 40′ charter boat. He currently teaches Maritime Studies, part time, at Argyll College – between spells at other training centres.  In his free time Paul loves spending time with his boys in the outdoors, and undertaking off road expeditions to remote corners of the globe.

RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor
RYA SRC Assessor
RYA First Aid Instructor
RYA Cruising Instructor (Sail)
RYA Yachtmaster Offshore (Sail)
RYA Diesel Engine Instructor