Buggies, Wheelchairs, Dogs

Children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times. You are welcome to bring a buggy/pram though it may need to be kept on deck. There is some limited space inside for folded buggies.

Wheelchair users – The gate entry onto the aft deck is 77cm wide. We will happily accommodate wheelchairs: if the wheelchair user can step horizontally from the pontoon into the boat, the wheelchair can be lifted on board or fitted through the gate. The wheelchair user may have to remain on the aft deck as the wheelchair will not fit inside the cabin without collapsing it first, but there is a partial roof over the deck which protects from the worst of the wind & weather.

Well-trained dogs are welcome onboard but must be kept on the lead at all times. Dog places are free of charge but must be officially registered with us during teh booking process.