Motor Boat Handling

The Motor Boat handling course will go a long way to relieving those feelings of apprehension when the time comes to carry out a manoeuvre in a tight marina or in windy conditions. Your experienced instructor will explain the main factors that affect how a large motor boat handles under power and armed with this information you will have the chance to put theory into practice in a variety of situations.

You will come away with a better understanding of how windage, prop walk, tide, rudder shape and prop wash effect your yacht and indeed can in many cases be harnessed to help you pull off a perfect manoeuvre. Subjects that are covered on the day include single engine driving, use of springs, med style berthing, stern first berthing, confined space manoeuvres, down/up tide berthing, down/up wind berthing, use of mid-ship lines and also a few handy tips to use when coming into the marina with low crew numbers or single handed.

Course dates:
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1 Day


Practical skills to the level of Day Skipper.