Free Online Training Clinics

There will be a short break for a couple of weeks whilst we start face to face training again however we will be back with our FREE clinics on Thursday 30th July at 19:00.

Upcoming Clinics:

  • Thursday 30th July – IRPCS – An Introduction to the Section 1 & 2 of the Rules including Safe spee, keeping a lookout, how to identify a risk of collision as well as the rules when insight of another vessel.
  • Thursday 6th August – IRPCS (vessel lights and shapes) – An Introduction to what all the red, white, yellow lights mean on larger commercial vessels.
  • Thursday 13th August – Pilotage – what techniques can we use to help us navigate into ports and harbours.
  • Thursday 20th August – Chartwork – What is the difference between a course to steer and an estimated position and how to do we do them
  • Thursday 27th August – Secondary Ports – We look at what all the numbers, why we have them, why we need to work them out and how to do it.

Previous Clinics;

  • 10th June – Interpreting a Synoptic Chart
  • 17th June – VHF Radio (Distress and Urgency Calls)  – now available on our You Tube page
  • 24th June – Calculating Tidal Heights – now available on our You Tube page
  • 1st July – An Intro to River Clyde Rules & Bylaws –  soon to be available on our You Tube page

How to Join?

You can download the ZOOM app for free at ( onto your mobile device or your laptop.

You can join the sessions using this direct link to Zoom