Online Courses

Over the next few months, we will be developing our online courses to include a large choice of subjects. These classes will be 1:1 through Skype and will be run by Euan, our Chief Instructor.

Initially, the lessons will be 2 hours, followed by a break but further sessions can be booked for the same day upto a maximum of 3 (3 x 2 hours)

Subjects include:

  • Dead Reckonings and Estimated Positions
  • Course To Steers
  • Tidal Streams
  • Tidal Heights
  • Secondary Port Calculations
  • Meteorology
  • Introduction to Radar
  • Radar Plotting
    • Steering Rules
    • Vessel Lights and Signals
    • Restricted Visibility

We will be adding to these subjects but in the meantime, if there are any subjects you would like us to run then please let us know and we will see what we can organise.

Costs are £80 for 2 hours which equates to £240 per day for 1:1 theory training in the comfort of your home.

To book – please email or phone 01436 640303

Course dates:

Email to organise a time/date.


2 hours minimum

£80 - 2 hours

Please ensure you have the following;

  • Computer with speakers and a camera
  • A quiet room 
  • Reliable internet.
  • Notepad & Pen

Pre course material will be emailed beforehand for some of the subjects so having access to a second screen or printer is handy.