RYA Short Range Radio (VHF)

The Short Range Certificate is the minimum qualification required by law to control the operation of VHF and VHF Digital Selective Calling (DSC) equipment on any British flagged vessel voluntarily fitted with a radio. This includes both fixed and hand held equipment using international channels.

A radio is an important piece of safety equipment on board and it is vital to understand the correct procedures.

You will be sent the radio handbook (G31) for your training and will have access to the instructors at the school for advice and guidance. On completing the online course you will be asked to print off the certificate which has a unique number at the bottom of it.

Your exam will be taken within the classroom and this must be at a registered RYA school. Your examiner will carry out your exam and if successful, issue you the licence through the RYA.

Please view the RYA’s 2 minute introductory video below.

Cost: £60 (an additional £70 fee must be paid to the examiner on the day of the exam)

£60 (+£70 exam fee)