RYA Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore (online)

The RYA Yachtmaster Theory course (also referred to as the RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Theory Course) is an in-depth course for experienced skippers.The course looks in detail at all aspects of coastal navigation and ensures that you have the necessary navigation skills to be able to undertake complex passages and entries into more challenging ports and harbours.

We are offering this course on behalf of another RYA Training Centre – Navathome.

Navathome are an RYA Training Centre specialising in on line courses. When you sign up to undertake this course with us you are agreeing to Navathome’s terms and conditions of business.  The instructors supporting you through the course are working for Navathome as they provide this support to you.

To view Navathomes’ terms and conditions, please click here.

Course dates:

Any time


This is an online course which you can complete in your own time. You will have access for 6 months to complete the course, extensions are available for those who wish to extend beyond the initial 6 months access period – there is a charge for this.


You get a full RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course pack which includes course notes, RYA Training Charts, RYA Training Almanac and a link to the RYA's electronic training chart plotter. The workbook that you complete as the course proceeds are also yours allowing you to practice again after the course if you wish. You also get a course completion certificate upon successfully passing the end of course tests.


  • When you have completed the online course you will sit 3 papers – one focuses on the chartwork aspects of the course, one focuses on the IRPCS and the third focuses on Passage Making including Meteorology.
  • The course addresses everything that comes up in the papers and you will have worked through many examples of similar questions leading up to the final assessments.
  • You can either sit the examinations on your own on your computer or if you prefer then you can do so at no charge at our Training Center in Rhu Marina. If you would want to use the qualification commercially then the end of course test will need to be invigilated – please contact us to discuss this option.

To take the Yachtmaster Theory course you must be at or above the level of the RYA Dayskipper Theory course. If you do not hold the RYA Dayskipper Theory course completion certificate we ask that you contact us before booking.