RYA Competent Crew

The competent crew course introduces cruising to complete beginners. You will learn about personal safety, seamanship and helmsmanship to the level required to be a useful member of crew onboard a cruising yacht. The RYA Competent Crew course, as well as being fun, will show you how to become a useful crew member on a sailing yacht.

For those who have never sailed before, or even if you have but never really understood what was going on, this is the perfect introduction to sailing. You will be amazed how much you learn in your week long adventure living on board the yacht, sailing

  • Being Safe while sailing and knowing what to do in an Emergency.
  • Preparing the yacht for sea – important stuff – not just making the sandwiches.
  • Sailing – learning to sail and read the wind so the sails are in the right position. Sail Handling (putting the sails up and down and changing the size of the sail for the wind conditions)
  • Knots and knowing when to use which knot (this will come in handy even when you are not sailing).
  • Helming – that means steering the yacht with the wheel, if you are good we will even let you have a go at mooring (parking) the yacht.
  • Rules of the Road – knowing who gives way to who at sea.
  • Terminology – learning the names for everything so you don’t look silly calling the galley a kitchen and your cabin a bedroom.
Course dates:

2020 Dates:

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5 days.

Our Boat - £500pp
Own Boat - £1500 (see notes below)
Our boat Private Course- £2000 (see notes below)


  • 5 days use of Sequel, our Beneteau 393
  • Diesel and berthing fees
  • Maximum 5 students
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch and some evening meals onboard
  • All bedding (inc. duvet)
  • Use of a lifejacket for the course
  • Use of wet weather gear during the course.

What to bring:

  • Cash for some evening meals
  • All the usual skippering equipment (pencils, erasers, notepads etc)
  • Soft soled shoes
  • Light wellies or waterproof shoes
  • Clothes for the duration of the course
  • Any medication
  • Passport photo
  • Phone charger

Own Boat Course:

  • This course can be conducted on your own boat, providing it is suitable for training. The cost above is a effectively a hire an instructor cost and the cost stays the same whether there are 1 of you or 5. The only additional costs from us would be travel costs to get to your location and the cost of certificates.
  • During the course, you are responsible for the running costs of the boat such as fuel, berthing and food.

Private course on our boat:

  • For a minimum of 1 student and a maximum of 5, you can hire our boat for a private course. The price includes all associated costs.

Minimum age is 12.